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OPPLE’s Smart Lighting system is characterised by extremely simple installation: the luminaires can be fitted into the ceiling and connected to the power supply  directly out of the box. No extra wires, fittings, gateways, servers or controllers are required. All luminaires can be controlled via the OPPLE Smart Lighting App and extra energy can be saved with the use of the OPPLE Smart Sensors.

Dynamic LED lighting with its unique features.


Quick and easy lighting system Wouldn’t that be fantastic: a smart lighting system that can be installed with the flick of the wrist as an addition to an existing system. Without extra wiring, gateways, servers or drivers. A system in which luminaires can be recessed in the ceiling and can be connected straight out of the box. And the control panel that allows you to control the light directly? That works wirelessly too, it’s that easy.
Always the right light scene OPPLE presents Smart Lighting; a flexible system that allows you to simply set various light scenes for each space. At any moment you can switch to the desired scene, to compliment the activity in the office or school.

How smart do you want it?

Another smart feature of OPPLE Smart Lighting is that the Smart Sensor measures both movement and the lux levels in the space. The amount of light the OPPLE Smart Lighting system emits is immediately adjusted to the incidental daylight to maintain the same level of light and save even more energy. It is also possible to have the light dim automatically to a set level; the ideal solution for hallways in a school or warehouse.
All luminaires can be controlled with the free OPPLE Smart Lighting App.

Simple to set-up in just a few easy steps.

Ideal for all applications

OPPLE Smart Lighting system offers luminaires for office and industrial environments. SMART panels and downlights are suitable for your office environments. Warehouses, production areas and parking garages are covered by the OPPLE Smart Highbay and the OPPLE Smart Waterproof, which work together with the OPPLE Smart Microwave sensor to maximize energy savings when there is no one around. No matter if it’s an industrial hall or a classroom, all applications are possible with the OPPLE Smart Lighting System.

“ A system that facilitates maximum energy savings thanks to presence detection sensors and daylight balance.”

Based in the incidental daylight, the Smart Lighting system adjusts the intensity of the artificial lighting.



What happens if the sun is shining and it gets brighter?

Then the lighting along the window will gradually dim. As a result, the total level of light remains the same. As the lighting is dimmed, an extra saving can be made on top of the use of LED and presence detection. When you enter a hallway in a school, parking garage or hospital, it is more pleasant when you are welcomed by an area that is properly illuminated. Fortunately you can count on the OPPLE Smart Lighting corridor feature. The corridor feature ensures that the lighting in a space does not go completely out when no one is present, but that it dims automatically to a lower level. This means that there is always a small level of light burning. Ideal for school hallways when lessons are underway, or throughout the night in a parking garage. As soon as a person is detected, the lighting returns to the pre-set level, for example from 10% to 100%.



How Smart?

If you wish the lighting to go out completely after a set period, this is also simple to set. Because the lighting is not constantly burning brightly, this saves a considerable amount of energy. The chandelier in the foyer, the table lamps on the desks and the mood lighting in the coffee corner; they are all easy to forget to switch off at the end of a workday, and during the day they are sometimes burning unnecessarily in a meeting room. With the Smart Relay it is possible to integrate these luminaires in the OPPLE smart system too. Thanks to the remote control switch, it is no longer necessary to purchase separate switches to control decorative lighting. All the lighting connected to the Smart Relay responds in line with the OPPLE smart luminaires. So that for example the mood lighting above the bar in the coffee corner also goes off automatically when no one is detected any longer. Even the Christmas tree lights will no longer be forgotten! The Smart Relay can also be controlled through the App.