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Smart Lighting - Fast, easy and affordable

Fast and easy installation of dynamic LED lighting? No IP addresses or extra hardware?


Install the LED lighting components from OPPLE Smart Lighting in an existing system in a few simple steps.

OPPLE Smart Lighting guarantees you full wireless lighting control via Bluetooth, dynamic office lighting without extra wiring, easy and fast installation, no requirement for a gateway, maximum energy savings thanks to the use of Smart Sensors, intelligent lighting functions (scenes/moods), adjustable with the free OPPLE Smart Lighting App, maximum security based on coded signals and strict user management. In other words, an excellent and extremely affordable Smart Lighting system.


Easy & fast

The OPPLE Smart Lighting system is extremely easy to install: the luminaires can be installed in the ceiling and immediately connected to the power supply straight out of the box. Without any extra wiring, fittings, gateways, servers or controllers. The control panel (switch) for direct lighting control operates via Bluetooth.



OPPLE Smart Lighting is a flexible system that allows you to set different lighting functions (scenes/moods) in each room. For example:

  • bright lighting for a meeting;
  • a customised lighting combination for a beamer presentation;
  • smoother lighting for a face-to-face meeting or lunch.


The Smart Sensor measures movement and the light intensity in lux in the room. In addition, the level of natural light from outside is measured. The light output generated by the OPPLE Smart Lighting system is directly controlled to maintain the same lighting level and save additional energy. All the luminaires can be controlled using the free app provided by OPPLE Smart Lighting.



OPPLE supplies LED lighting of excellent quality at an extremely competitive price. Installing and using Smart Lighting has never been as simple and affordable. You can expect a payback time of only a few months. Our service department will be delighted to prepare a suitable lighting plan for you and calculate the resulting energy savings for your client. Therefore you know exactly what you can do for your customer in your role as an installer.


NEW IN the RANGE: the smart relay. The relay makes it possible for installers to switch on any other electrical device together with the Smart Lighting system.



Would you like to know more about OPPLE Smart Lighting or would you like to make an appointment for a demonstration? Please contact one of our account managers via our service line: +31 (0)88 0567888 (during office hours) or send an e-mail to service@opple.com.


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