OPPLE has developed a completely new system to make the features and benefits of Smart Lighting available to everyone. OPPLE’s Smart Lighting system is characterised by extremely simple installation: the luminaires can be attached to the ceiling and connected to the power supply directly out of the box, followed by installation and set-up with OPPLE's free Smart Lighting App (Android and iOS). No extra wires, fittings, gateways, servers or controllers are required - everything is included in the LED driver in the luminaire and it communicates directly with your smartphone or tablet. OPPLE's Smart Lighting products are fully compatible with Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 'mesh’ topology. In addition, all these smart products can be controlled using OPPLE's Smart Lighting App.


Smart Lighting Products



                                 LED Panel Monza                                                                       LED Panel Sydney                                                                     LED Slim Panel Performer



                                                                             LED Lima                                                                              LED Panel Suspended Zenith


                     LED Downlight Performer HG                                             LED Downlight Performer MW                            LED Waterproof Performer G2





              Smart Sensor                         Surface Module Smart Sensor                               Smart Relay                                           Smart Switch



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